Who are the Shriners?

ShrineEmblemShriners are men who believe in God, support their Country, and chose to live a lifestyle that promotes fun, fellowship, integrity, and the masonic principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth.  Acca Shriners are centered here in Richmond, Virginia; however, our membership stretches far and wide, including as far west as the valley, east into the northern neck, south towards the state line, and north to Fredericksburg.  We are geographically dispersed while united in our primary purpose: supporting the Shriners Hospitals for Children system.
lovetotherescuelogoWith 22 Hospitals across North America supported by nearly 200 Shrine Centers, children have been receiving life-saving and life-altering care specifically tailored to the tender heart for almost 100 years.  Shriners Hospitals for Children feature world-class research and medical professionals who care deeply for our burned and crippled children.  Ask any Shriner when they feel the tallest, and they will say when they stoop to help a child.  We are Shriners. Join us!.

Written by Noble Jason E. Hodges, web master.

Illustrious Sir Timothy Southern, Potentate 2015, and Lady Beckie Welcome You!

Welcome!  ACCA Shriners is in the process of renovating our website…finally!  It’s taken us a long time but I am sure you will find the, many and varied, new options provided in the website to have been well worth the wait.  I am hopeful that our fellow Shriners and their ladies will visit frequently to check out what’s happening at our Shrine Center and give us their ideas on how we can improve it as we go along.  Remember, this is a work in progress and we all have a vested interest in making it as convenient and helpful as possible.We are very pleased to have Jason E. Hodges, Commander of ACCA’s Mini Patrol, as our web development specialist and webmaster. Please feel free to forward any suggestions for the site to him via email at jasonhodges@paragonva.com. Yours in faith,

Tim Southern, Potentate

Acca Transportation Fund

Acca Shriners is proud to have a transportation program that transports our children and their families to and from our Hospitals in Cincinnati, Greenville, and Philadelphia. This program needs your help. Please consider volunteering as a driver, donating to the transportation fund, or donating to the van fund which will be used to purchase a replacement van soon.