Acca Shriners is proud to have a transportation program that transports our children and their families to and from our Hospitals in Cincinnati, Greenville, and Philadelphia. This program needs your help. Please consider volunteering as a driver, donating to the transportation fund, or donating to the van fund which will be used to purchase a replacement van soon.

Our Shriner Families Say It Best

  • “It brings me so much joy to go out and watch her do what she loves,” Elizabeth Castle, Jalen’s mother said of Jalen post-surgery. “And now, thanks to Shriners Hospitals for Children, she has a future with no limitations.” She says that words cannot express how grateful they are to Shriners Hospitals for their expert care of Jalen.

    Jalen’s Story

    –Jalen's Story

  • We have been going to the Boston Shriners Hospital since Kara was six weeks old. Today she is a happy, healthy nine-year-old. We have a great love for all the staff, all the nurses in the clinic and on the recovery floor, and Susie the medical photographer. The nurses who have cared for Kara take care of her like she is their own daughter. As a mom, I cannot thank them enough.

    Kara’s Story

    –Kara's Story

  • Once in the states, Alyssia began treatment at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago. She and her family say that Shriners Hospitals was the one place that correctly diagnosed her condition. Doctors at Shriners Hospitals provided care that enabled Alyssia to see success both in and out of the water.

    Alyssia Crook’s Story

    –Alyssia Crook's Story