Illustrious Boyd Griggs, Potentate 2014

Boyd GriggsWelcome!  ACCA Shriners is in the process of renovating our website…finally!  It’s taken us a long time but I am sure you will find the, many and varied, new options provided in the website to have been well worth the wait.  I am hopeful that our fellow Shriners and their ladies will visit frequently to check out what’s happening at our Shrine Center and give us their ideas on how we can improve it as we go along.  Remember, this is a work in progress and we all have a vested interest in making it as convenient and helpful as possible.We are very pleased to have Jason E. Hodges, Commander of ACCA’s Mini Patrol, as our web development specialist and webmaster. Please feel free to forward any suggestions for the site to him via email at the faith,
Boyd Griggs, Potentate